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Stuck at Home? Ideas to Help Seniors Keep Busy

Mobility solutions like stair lifts, platform lifts and home elevators can make it possible for older family members to remain in their homes longer than they otherwise could. And that’s become even more important during the pandemic as assisted living and other elder care facilities have frequently been hotbeds of infection.

But staying at home brings its own challenges, like the threats of boredom and loneliness, especially with the need to isolate or maintain physical distancing. The days and nights can get very long, and that isolation can lead to depression and decline.

What to do? Here are some ideas to help keep homebound seniors engaged and entertained:

Keep the mind busy: Crossword or other word puzzle, Sudoku puzzles, and even jigsaw puzzles provide exercise for the brain and have been shown to help maintain mental acuity. Depending on the person’s comfort level with technology, they can even connect with others to play a wide variety of games on a mobile phone or tablet.

Stay connected: Grandkids live far away, or aren’t permitted to visit in person because of the pandemic? Seeing them on screen is the next best thing. Connecting to a Zoom meeting might be difficult for some seniors, but video devices like the Amazon Show, Facebook Portal and Google Nest make these sessions as easy as a phone call. And they can play music in between to liven up a quiet house.

Exercise: Someone with mobility issues probably won’t be hopping on a treadmill, but there are any number of exercises that can be done from a seated position, from hand squeezes to arm raises to leg extensions. Any exercise is better than none, and can help with both physical and mental wellness. Encourage your senior to make this a part of their daily routine.

Be entertained: An internet connection and a PC or tablet is a virtual ticket to anywhere in the world. Help your family member find and bookmark sites that cover areas of interest like travel, food or history. Consider a smart TV and a Netflix subscription also, where two or three clicks of a button can offer nearly unlimited shows, movies or documentaries. Again, help them with the initial navigation and adding items to their watch list to make them easier to find when you’re not there.

Being stuck at home hasn’t been fun for any of us, but seniors living alone can experience rapid decline if they can’t or won’t remain engaged. We can help with mobility solutions to help keep them safe and mobile at home … you can use these ideas to help them keep busy.

Questions about mobility solutions for remaining at home? Contact Next Day Mobility.

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