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Do Mobility Scooters Require Insurance?

Do Mobility Scooters Require Insurance?If you just got a mobility scooter, you may be wondering, Do mobility scooters require insurance? Here at Next Day Mobility, we actually get asked that question quite often. The answer depends on what kind of insurance you’re talking about. Mobility scooters are not required to have mobility scooter insurance, like you would need auto insurance for a car. Mobility scooters are not for use on public roads or highways.

But just because insurance isn’t required by law doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. You’ll want to get two types of insurance for your mobility scooter – liability insurance and property insurance. In many cases, this is as simple as calling your insurance company to make sure your existing homeowners insurance policy covers you. You may need to add a rider to your insurance. You should also check with your auto insurance company (most likely the same insurance company) to make sure that they cover your mobility scooter for theft while it is in your vehicle.

Do Mobility Scooters Require Liability Insurance?

While not required, you should have liability insurance for your mobility scooter. Still, if you ever have an accident where you cause injury to someone else, you will want it. That may sound unlikely, but accidents do happen in parking lots, public walkways and public spaces. You might back into someone, or roll over someone’s foot. They could sue you for damages if your insurance company won’t cover their property damage and medical costs. Your homeowner’s liability insurance should cover you if there was a mishap at home.

Insurance Against Theft or Damage

Do Mobility Scooters Require Insurance?

Mobility scooters aren’t cheap. Therefore, if someone steals your mobility scooter or damages it, paying to replace it or repair it could be pricey. Much like your homeowner’s insurance would cover theft or damage to your other possessions; it can cover your mobility scooter. You just need to touch base with your insurance company to make sure your existing policy would cover replacement costs.

When you call your insurance company to check on your coverage, expect to answer a few questions about your mobility scooter. These include the make and model of scooter, when you bought it, and what it cost. If you recently made modifications to your vehicle to accommodate a mobility scooter or power wheelchair and you haven’t told your auto insurance company, now would be a good time to do that. Certain modifications can increase the value of your vehicle.

While the law doesn’t require mobility scooters to be insured, it’s a good idea to insure yours. It will protect you in the event of an accident and provide peace of mind.

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