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Introducing the UP Stair Lift

We’re very excited to add stair lifts from UP to our product offerings. Like our other products, UP stair lifts offer safe and convenient mobility between levels of your home, and  several unique features.  Here’s a closer look:

Flexibility: Like other stair lifts, UP products can be configured for straight or curved staircases. The difference is in flexibility. Because of the unique component design, an UP stair lift can be reconfigured as well. That means that if you move, your stair lift can move with you, or if it’s no longer needed it can be easily resold.

Features: UP stair lifts offer a compact profile, with foldable arms and an automatic folding footrest. There’s also an automatic swivel function to make it much easier and safer to get in and out at both landing areas.

Sustainability: The aluminum rail used in UP lifts is strong, durable, lightweight and sustainable. Rails are made mainly with recycled aluminum, using only 5 percent of the energy required to produce components from new aluminum.

Technology: There’s an app to control your UP stair lift from a smartphone or tablet, and an available intercom feature allowing the user to reach any personal contact quickly and easily. The stair lift has an integrated WiFi connection also, so it can report any operation or maintenance issues directly to us. Most difficulties can be solved remotely or over the phone.

Cost: Here’s the best part … the configurable components of an UP stair lift typically result in a shorter installation time, in addition to a lower product cost. The end result is that UP stair lifts can cost $2,000 to $3,000 less than a conventional curved stair lift.

There are many other features that allow us to customize an UP stair lift to your specific needs, which is why the products has won awards for industrial design. Sustainable, reusable and beautifully-designed, an UP stair lift might be just the right thing for you.

Want to learn more about UP stair lifts and other mobility solutions? Contact Next Day Mobility for a no-obligation consultation.

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