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How Much Does A Stair Lift Cost?

how much does a stair lift cost


If you’re having mobility issues, getting up and down stairs can be a real problem. But you want to continue living in your own home, so you’re checking out your options. That’s a smart move. Upgrading your own home so you can age in place is generally a less expensive and a more loving option than moving somewhere unfamiliar. One of the things you’re probably wondering is just how much does a stair lift cost? Is it the mobility solution for you?

Let’s take a look. Just like any purchase you make, you’re going to see different prices based on different models, and based on your specific needs. There is no easy answer to the stair lift cost question, because every home is different. The only way you can get an exact price on a stair lift cost for your home is to set up a free in home consultation with a certified stair lift installer.

Generally speaking, there are two main price points for stairlifts. You have one set of pricing for straight stair lifts and another set for curved stair lifts that can turn a corner such as at a landing. How many stairs you have will also figure into the price. Stairlift cost also varies based on whether the lift is powered by a battery or hooked into your electrical system. We specialize in Acorn Stairlifts and Harmar Lifts, so that is what we will talk about.


Straight Stair Lift Cost

In Maryland, the average price for a battery powered straight stair lift is $2000-5000. The variation in price is due to the different specifications of each home, as well as the specific stair lift you choose.

Many people choose a straight stair lift even if they have a landing, if they are able to walk up those last few stairs.

Curved Stair Lift Cost

A curved stair lift is going to cost more because of the mechanical complexity involved in navigating a curve or turn. A curved stair lift may cost up to $10,000-$15,000, depending on the exact situation.

Most companies include stair lift installation in the total price. You should only have a stair lift installed by a company certified technician.

Stair Lift Maintenance Cost

Just like a car, your stair lift will need yearly maintenance to ensure it stays in top working order. A maintenance visit will generally run less than $300. At a maintenance visit, our technicians will run through a 12-point inspection that requires the system to be removed from the rail, they will ensure all safety features are working properly, the operating speed meets specification, with no unusual noises and maintains a smooth ride. They will replace all batteries in the unit and in the remote controls to insure your stairlift will not leave you stranded.

We hope this has answered the general questions surrounding stair lift cost. For an exact quote for your home, you will need to contact a reputable installation company, like Next Day Mobility.