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Home Elevators: Questions and Answers

You know that Next Day Mobility provides and installs stair lifts to help those with mobility issues continue to use the upper level of their home. You might not know that there’s another option: a home elevator or lift. Depending on the layout of your home, an elevator might be an even better choice.

Here are some common questions about home elevators, and the answers:

How much room does a home elevator take up? Very little. Some models have a footprint of only 7 square feet, or a little larger than a typical doormat. Larger models can accommodate a wheelchair and have a capacity of up to 500 pounds.

How are home elevators powered? By standard household electricity, either a 220-230 volt outlet (similar to a clothes dryer) or a standard 110-115 volt outlet with a step-up transformer. And no worries about being stranded in a power outage … our home elevators feature a battery backup system.

Are home elevators noisy? No. Elevators in commercial buildings can be loud because they’re powered by hydraulics. The winding drum system used in our home elevators is self-contained in the top of the lift and features quiet, electrical operation.

How much construction work is required for installation? Typically, the only work required is to create an opening in the ceiling and floor between the upper and lower levels. No supporting walls are needed, and the construction work is easily reversed should you sell the home or no longer need the elevator.

What safety features do home elevators have? Each elevator has LED lighting at the top and bottom of the car for safety and ease of use at night. A full-height or half-height locking door is a standard feature, providing safety while the lift in is motion. There are also height, weight and out of balance sensors as well as a fall arrestor and a lid to cover the opening when the elevator is in the downstairs position.

Questions about whether a home elevator is right for you? Contact Next Day Mobility for a free, no-pressure consultation.

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