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Why Choose Harmar Mobility Lifts Over Other Brands?

Harmar Mobility Lifts

If you’re in the market for a vehicle lift, platform lift, or stair lift, we’d like to share with you why we think you should choose Harmar Mobility Lifts over some of the other brands out there. Full disclosure, Next Day Mobility is an authorized dealer and installer of Harmar Mobility Lifts. That’s because we want to install and maintain mobility products of the highest quality. Our customers deserve the best.

Customers around the world know Harmar for its consistent product innovation and customer service. They’ve been designing and manufacturing mobility lifts for vehicles, platform lifts and now stair lifts for your home since 1998.

Here are some things that set Harmar Mobility Lifts apart from other brands:

  • They are the world’s largest manufacturer of outside vehicle lifts.
  • Harmar produces the Pinnacle Stair Lift, which is one of America‘s most popular stair lifts..
  • Harmar mobility lifts are built in the USA.
  • They stand behind Harmar lift dealers like us to offer superior customer service before, during and after the sale.
  • Since Harmar products are made in Missouri and Florida, you get quick delivery. No waiting for something made in China to arrive.
  • Safety testing is of utmost importance to Harmar. Every product undergoes design testing, weight testing, and life-cycle testing before it is available for sale.
  • Harmar factory trains dealers like Next Day Mobility, so we have the expertise to find the right product for you, and install it to company standards.
  • They offer an online compatibility calculator to take the guesswork out of what vehicle lift you need for your wheelchair, mobility scooter and vehicle.

Harmar Mobility Lifts Consistently Rate Among the Best

Harmar consistently ranks at the top of the list for best mobility lifts. This includes wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, and stair lifts. Organizations such as Caring Village, Aging in, Retirement Living, SafeWise and Consumer Affairs all rate Harmar mobility lifts highly.

If you’re interested in a stair lift for your home, or need a vehicle lift so you can take your mobility scooter or power chair with you wherever you go, Harmar Mobility Lifts is sure to have a mobility solution to suit your needs. But as you always should, do your homework before making a buying decision. Get a few free consultations. Then, after you’ve gathered all of the information and compared apples to apples, go with the company that best suits your needs.

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