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Top 10 Features of an Acorn Chair Lift

acorn chair lift


An Acorn chair lift brings you freedom and mobility. Installing a stair lift in your home makes it easy to get up and down stairs, no matter what your mobility issues are. As certified installers of Acorn Stair Lifts, we here at Next Day Mobility know that quality, convenience and thoughtfulness go into every chair lift system. People worldwide know it, too. Amazingly, an Acorn Chair Lift is installed somewhere in the world every 8 minutes!

Customizable for Your Home

The Acorn chair lift system is customizable to your individual staircase. Acorn has straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, and outdoor stairlifts. No matter where you need an Acorn chair lift installed, they’ve come up with a safe and easy to operate mobility solution. Seat belts, paddle toggles, remote controls, and swivel seats are standard on all models.

Here are our picks for the top 10 features of all Acorn chair lifts:

  1. The system fits quickly and easily to the stairs, not the wall.
  2. Installation of an Acorn chair lift requires no structural changes to your home.
  3. An Acorn chair lift is affordable and reliable with low running costs.
  4. Acorn chair lifts fold away conveniently when not in use.
  5. You can get an optional hinged rail designed to eliminate any obstruction or trip hazard.
  6. Your Acorn chair lift will stop automatically if it meets an obstruction such as a pet or another person.
  7. The FastTrack® system allows for quick and easy installation, usually within hours.
  8. The Acorn chair lift works even if the power goes out.
  9. Your Acorn chair lift comes with a 12-month manufacturer guarantee.
  10. All stair lifts comply with International Standards for Stairlifts.

A Quote for an Acorn Chair Lift is Free

All you have to do to set up a free quote is schedule the in-home consultation. A certified technician will visit your home, and ask you some questions about your mobility and your needs. He or she will take precise measurements of your stair case, including the width and how many stairs there are, and if there are any landings. All Acorn-certified technicians are professional, courteous and empathetic to your needs.

Based on that initial visit, you will receive your free quote, and the quote is good for one year.