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6 Questions About Stair Lifts … and the Answers

If you or a loved one have mobility issues that make it difficult to get up and down the stairs, you might have considered installing a home stair lift. And you might have some questions about whether a stair lift is right for you. Here are some questions we get asked frequently … and the answers:

Will a stair lift fit my staircase? Almost certainly yes. Many people hesitate to look into a stair lift installation because of curved stairs or a landing midway, but stair lifts can be custom-designed to fit virtually any staircase size or configuration.

Won’t a stair lift get in the way of others who walk up and down the steps? No. Today’s stair lifts are very low-profile and have a number of features to minimize the space they use: seats fold flat against the wall when not in use, and some models will automatically fold up the bottom portion of the railing, which often extends into a doorway.

Will the installation be disruptive? There’s a minimum of disruption involved in stair lift installation. Straight lifts can be installed in just two hours, and even complex curved stair lifts usually are done within three hours.

Am I too heavy to use a stair lift? Not likely. There are models available that will support weights of up to 600 pounds.

Aren’t stair lifts only for the elderly? Mobility issues can arise at any age, whether from a medical condition or an accident. We’ve installed stair lifts for people of all ages.

Stair lifts are expensive, aren’t they? Stair lifts are high-quality products installed by trained professionals, so there is a certain cost associated with installation. But stair lifts are usually a great value when compared to the alternatives of moving to another home or remodeling the current home to allow single-level living.

Questions about a stair lift or other mobility products for your home? Contact Next Day Mobility for a free, no-pressure consultation.

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